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Tips for Using the OWLSee tips on how to use the OWL.

Learn how to use the OWL for a variety of situations and purposes.

    • Tips for using the OWL in different classroom arrangements.
    • Tips for using the OWL to deliver feedback on writing assignments.
    • Ideas for course activities that make use of the OWL.

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Writing in the DisciplinesGet support for Writing in the Disciplines.

Take a four-part training series on Writing in the Disciplines.

    • Part 1: Introduction to Writing in the Disciplines.
    • Part 2: Creating Effective Assignments.
    • Part 3: Peer Review & Revision.
    • Part 4: Effective Feedback & Rubrics.

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Assessment RubricsView assessment rubrics for writing and reading.

Take a look at commonly used assessment rubrics for writing and reading, and see how OWL resources align with the skills assessed in these rubrics. The OWL can be matched with these rubrics to improve learning in these areas.

    • AAC&U Written Communication VALUE Rubric.
    • AAC&U Reading VALUE Rubric.

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How to Embed ActivitiesLearn how to embed OWL content on your site.

OWL activities, videos, and other multimedia content can be embedded on your site quickly and easily. Learn how by reviewing these instructions.

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How to Create Custom OwletsCreate your own custom OWL!.

Learn how to create your own custom OWLs–what we call Owlets.

    • Create as many Owlets as you like.
    • Use your Owlets as free online textbooks.
    • Integrate reading and writing content from the OWL.
    • Create and keep track of your Owlets with a free OWL account.

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Quick Reference GuideDownload a PDF index of OWL topics and links.

The Quick Reference Guide provides an alphabetized index of the most commonly used OWL topics with links to relevant pages in the OWL. Use the Quick Reference Guide to quickly and easily find what you need for a course activity or student feedback.

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Index of ActivitiesLook for OWL activities.

Looking for an activity, video, or other multimedia resource in the OWL? Search the index of activities to locate what you need.

    • Search an index of writing activities.
    • Search an index of reading activities.

Index of Activities

Site IndexSearch for OWL resources.

Search a list of OWL resources alphabetized by topic.

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Online Writing LabVisit our award-winning Online Writing Lab!

The Excelsior OWL is designed to provide support for writers as they begin the process of writing for college and as they transition to writing outside of their introductory writing classes or programs.

The Excelsior OWL is unique in its multimedia support for writers. It offers a wide variety of interactive multimedia activities, quizzes, videos, interactive PDFs, and games – all designed to help writers understand important concepts about writing.

Online Reading LabVisit our Online Reading Comprehension Lab!

The Reading Lab is the first completely free, comprehensive, online open education resource for college-level reading. It offers a variety of multimedia materials—instructional videos, online exercises, and handouts.

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