Images | APA References

A paintbrush.

Digital Images

If you’re adding a digital image such as infographics, clip art, or stock images, to your APA References page, you should follow the below format.

Elements: Last Name of Creator, First Initial (or Name of Organization). (Date). Title of image. [Type of Image: Stock Photo, Infographic, etc.]. Name of Website. URL

American Psychological Association. (2020). Six steps to proper citation infographic. [Infographic].

Artwork in a Museum

The format for referencing works of art in a museum or accessible via a museum’s website is slightly different from digital images. If you viewed the work of art in person, you do not need to include the URL in your reference. But, if a trip to the Louvre wasn’t possible before writing your paper, you should include the URL where the artwork was accessed.

Elements: Last Name of Artist, First Initial. (Date). Title of Artwork. [Medium: Painting, Sculpture, etc.]. Museum Name, City, State (if necessary),Country. URL (if necessary)

Marshall, K. (2015). Untitled (policeman). [Painting]. Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, United States.

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