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Welcome to the Excelsior Online Writing Lab!

New to the OWL? Our welcome video will walk you through the many resources on the OWL that are ready for you to discover!

Transcripción del vídeo

00:04 Welcome to the Excelsior Online Writing Lab. Whether you’re just beginning your writing journey or aiming to refine your skills, we’re here to support you every step of the way.
00:17 Not sure where to start with your first college-level paper? The Writing Process has helpful articles on prewriting strategies, developing a thesis statement, and structuring your essay.
00:30 Don’t get caught off guard by an assignment you haven’t seen before. The OWL’s section on Rhetorical Styles has tips and tricks for how to approach different essay types.
00:41 Need to dig deeper with your research paper? Our Research section provides the information you need to track down and evaluate sources.
00:52 Handling footnotes and endnotes can be tricky and time-consuming. Thankfully, the OWL’s Citation & Documentation section offers support for all three major style guides and provides examples to help reinforce proper formatting.
01:08 Avoid stumbling into the pitfalls of plagiarism by utilizing the comprehensive guidance provided in the OWL’s Avoiding Plagiarism tutorial.
01:17 Of course, writing in college isn’t all essays and research papers. For students in programs like business or nursing, the OWL’s Writing in the Disciplines section has resources for business proposals, nursing care plans, and more.
01:32 As you continue your journey, the OWL has all the tools you need to grow stronger as a writer. The Grammar Essentials section will help you fix common errors, while the Argument & Critical Thinking section outlines techniques to take your writing to the next level.
01:47 Remember, reading is a big part of writing. Visit our Online Reading Comprehension lab for help with vocabulary, critical thinking, and note taking.
01:57 Feeling nervous about an in-class presentation? Don’t worry. The OWL’s Online Writing & Presentations section shows you how to format your slides, organize your ideas, and create a compelling presentation.
02:10 When your writing adventure takes you to higher places, the OWL has tips for Writing at the Graduate Level, where you can practice the skills needed for SWOT analyses, proposals, and editorials.
02:22 When your academic journey winds down and new pathways open for you, the OWL’s Writing for your Career section can help you compose cover letters, resumes, and thank-you notes.
02:33 The OWL is also available in Spanish, if that is your first language and you need a little extra support writing in English.
02:39 With over 800 pages and hours of interactive content, the Excelsior OWL is one of the web’s leading open education resources. Access our tutorials and activities from your desktop or mobile device, anywhere and anytime, with no annoying ads or pop-ups.
02:58 Siga el OWL en Facebook para obtener actualizaciones y artículos interesantes sobre cómo mejorar sus habilidades de escritura y lectura.
03:04 Have a suggestion or a request? Send us a note in our Feedback form, and we will get back to you quickly. Happy writing!

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