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00:03 Find everything you need to help with every aspect of the writing process at the Excelsior University Online Writing Lab.
00:12 Access its multimedia activities from your desktop or mobile device.
00:18 The OWL is easy to navigate.
00:23 You can search for the resources you need and then practice what you’ve learned.
00:29 Keep track of your activity scores to see your progress or share with others.
00:34 Have an essay to write for class?
00:36 No problem.
00:37 The Writing Process covers everything you need to know about writing an academic essay.
00:44 The sections on Rhetorical Styles and Argument and Critical Thinking can help you strengthen your ideas and use of evidence.
00:52 “To narrow the topic, I used the tips on Excelsior OWL.
00:56 This helped because it guided me systematically on how to pick out important information and helped me exclude unnecessary information.”
01:03 Further develop your writing skills with Paper Capers.
01:07 This game reinforces important rhetorical concepts and writing process steps.
01:13 Need to write a research paper or an annotated bibliography?
01:16 Get help finding and evaluating sources with the Research section.
01:20 Review APA and MLA style with the Citation and Documentation section and make sure you don’t slide into plagiarism by taking the Avoiding Plagiarism tutorial.
01:33 If you need help with grammar, the OWL has you covered.
01:36 Grammar Essentials reviews the 20 most common grammar errors.
01:40 There’s even a dedicated area for writing help if English is an additional language for you.
01:46 If you need more structured support, the free Writing Refresher course will help you review topics like grammar and citation.
01:54 And the OWL offers support for writing in the disciplines and digital writing and presentations.
02:00 Need help with your reading skills?
02:02 The Online Reading Comprehension Lab helps you improve your reading, critical thinking, and vocabulary skills.
02:10 “I feel very good about my writing, and I think that committing the OWL resources to memory is going to benefit me the most.”
02:17 Follow the OWL on Facebook for updates and interesting articles about how to improve your writing and reading skills.

Informational Video for Educators

Video Transcript

00:00 The Excelsior University Online Writing Lab revolutionizes online support for writing and reading.
00:08 The OWL is an award-winning, open-education resource.
00:12 Mobile ready and ADA compliant, it is available to anyone,anywhere, on almost any device for free.
00:21 Users find writing and reading support with videos, interactive activities, and quizzes covering thirteen content areas.
00:31 The OWL even features a video game, Paper Capers, available online and for tablets.
00:37 Students simulate the writing process by playing an editor managing a team of writers.
00:42 With its comprehensive content, the OWL is a free alternative to writing handbooks.
00:48 “The Excelsior OWL has replaced my writing textbook; students love the interactive exercises and relate to the memes!”
00:55 The OWL was developed and evaluated in partnership with colleges across the United States.
01:02 A 2013 multi-campus study revealed students using the OWL scored nearly seven points higher on their final course average and improved in three out of five categories on the AAC&U written communication value rubric.
01:17 The OWL features the world’s first free online comprehensive resource for college-level reading.
01:24 The online reading comprehension lab uses multimedia technology to cover a range of topics including questioning, annotating, vocabulary strategies, paraphrasing, and analyzing.
01:37 A robust library of educator resources includes tips for using the OWL in different classroom environments and disciplines as well as sample assignments.
01:48 “I’ve been using the OWL and the ORC in all of my courses and the feedback I’ve received, especially in regard to the Grammar Essentials section of the OWL, has been overwhelmingly positive. Students love the multimodality.”
02:01 For educators, finding, sharing, and even customizing content is easy.
02:07 Users can link to content or embed media directly on their page or create a custom OWL using simple drag-and-drop tools.
02:16 “In my end of semester reflection, almost every student mentions that the OWL is something they will use in all of their classes!”
02:24 The OWL is also a professional development resource.
02:27 With the OWL blog Hoot, educators can view articles on the latest developments and best practices in writing and reading instruction.
02:36 Follow the OWL on Facebook to receive the latest updates, announcements, blog posts, and top articles in the field.
02:44 Email to learn more about the Excelsior OWL or to inquire about a free consultation,
02:52 training webinar, or information on premium options.

NOTE: The Excelsior OWL game Paper Capers! has been retired.

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