Intern’s Corner: Referencing and Citing Sources Part I: Print Books

Conducting research on topics and then citing and referencing those sources you worked so hard to locate can be a little daunting. As students, we want to ensure we provide the best citations and references so those who read our work can find the sources effortlessly, and so we get a good grade. However, sometimes the information we need is difficult to find and we are left scratching our heads as to what to do and where to look. Luckily, the OWL has provided reference examples, so whether you are needing to use APA or MLA you will know where to look to gather the needed information to reference your work correctly and fast.

Locating Reference Information

The first area I ventured to was locating reference information for printed work. I clicked on the image below entitled “Print Book (title/author/publisher)” and the image next to it to get an idea of where to find the information needed to properly reference a piece of printed work.


Here you will see the information that you need to reference a book in both APA and MLA. Notice how the styles are different. If you need more information regarding how to cite different types of books, go to the OWL sections on APA or MLA.

Screenshot of MLA and APA Printed book citation examples.

Final Thoughts

I found the images of a printed work helpful in locating the needed information for properly citing printed work. Sometimes it can be tricky but looking at these images one can get a better idea of where to find the needed information.

In the next blog post in this series, I will look at digital work from database and website sources and how they are treated differently in APA and MLA.


Ginger Hamblin is an intern for the Excelsior University Online Writing Lab. She has been a student of Excelsior University for almost two years and is pursuing her Bachelor of Science – Liberal Arts in Professional and Technical Writing. She is a writing enthusiast, painter, wife, and mother of three boys.