With Adjectives

Use a comma to separate coordinate adjectives describing the same noun.

An adjective is a word that describes a noun, and when we have two coordinate or “equal” adjectives describing the same noun, we need to place a comma between those adjectives, as illustrated in this example:

It was a stressful, sleepless night because I stayed up too late playing Dead Space.

A spooky white house.If the adjectives aren’t coordinate, or “equal,” you should not separate them with a comma, as illustrated in this example:

Everyone knows the white frame house on Third Street is haunted.

A good trick to help you determine whether or not adjectives are coordinate is to try reading the sentence with the adjectives in reverse order or to add the word and between them. If the sentence would still make sense to you, the adjectives are coordinate, and you would need to separate them with a comma if they are describing a single noun.

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