Generating Ideas

Video Transcript

Slide 1

Tutor: First, quickly write down ideas for your paper.

Student: What if I don’t have any ideas?

Slide 2

Tutor: Then, look at your class notes.

Slide 3

Tutor: Review your class readings.

Slide 4

Tutor: And you can talk with other students.

Student: Yes, I sometimes get good ideas from other students.

Slide 5

Tutor: As you generate ideas, write down key words and ideas.

Slide 6

Tutor: Now that you have some ideas on paper, review these. Circle or underline the words or sentences that you feel are important.

Slide 7

Tutor: Now let’s move on to the next step: Developing a Thesis

Student: I could use some help with that!

Tutor: OK, let’s go back to the menu for Getting Ready to Write. Now click on Developing a Thesis on the left.

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