Prezi Present is like a PowerPoint presentation in that it is a visual representation of your information, and we often use them for presentations, both online and in person. However, Prezis differ from PowerPoint in style and layout. They can be 3D and can offer a different alternative to PowerPoint presentations.

The same basic presentation rules apply to Prezi presentations: keep the text to a minimum; add visuals; be clear with your message. However, in some ways, Prezis can give you a little more flexibility with your presentations, as you can manipulate all parts of a “slide” or “frame” and even embed “slides” within others. And you can add images or “slides” wherever you like.

Prezi has a free version, called Basic, which allows you to use the program and save your presentations to the web. All you have to do is create an account. There are limitations with the free version: audio and video files cannot be added, the account will have public access for viewing, and PDFs cannot be created from the file.

Prezi has also released a program called Prezi Video. This allows for a more personal approach. You can be in the video along side the presentation you have prepared.

If you are new to Prezi but are interested in giving it a try, check out these helpful videos on how to get started with your first Prezi presentation or Prezi video.

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