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While essays and research papers are likely the most common types of writing assignments you’ll receive in college, more and more, students are being expected to write in digital environments. In the 21st century, you’re likely to be asked to create a PowerPoint or Prezi to present the main points of your research paper, or you may be asked to create an electronic portfolio to share all of your work for a semester. Students in online classes will write discussion board posts every week, and some professors are even replacing some of your traditional essay assignments with assignments like photo essays or video essays.

Writing for college in the 21st century may also require the use of social media. For example, your professor in a college writing class or critical thinking class may ask you to explore some issue and then Tweet or post to Facebook about your experiences exploring that issue. Pictures of your process may even be required.

The key is that writing for college is changing, and literacy with some of the most common genres or tools you are likely to encounter can help you as a writer. The following pages will provide you with an overview of some of the writing assignments for digital environments you’re likely to encounter in a college class today.

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