Although Facebook can be used to make professional connections, the social site devoted to professional connections is one called LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is much like Twitter and Facebook in that you will create an account, create your page, and then make connections. However, the focus is professional. You’ll be prompted to post your work experience and previous places of employment. Then, you can use the site to connect with colleagues and professional acquaintances.

Creating the information for your LinkedIn site is very much like creating a virtual resume. You’ll want to be careful in how you present yourself, and you’ll want to consider ways in which to present your skills and experiences in the best light.

LinkedIn also allows you to connect with groups and find jobs. Here, you’ll see an image of a sample “groups” page. Groups in this page are all professional, and some post jobs. When you’re a member of a group, you’ll see job postings as well as other information that comes from that group.

LinkedIn Groups

The site also allows you to search for jobs. This image of the menu bar in LinkedIn gives you an idea of all the options available to you.

LinkedIn Navigation bar

It’s a good idea to begin to network within your field as soon as you gain educational and professional experiences. Creating a LinkedIn page can help you make those network connections.

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