Creating Vocabulary Flashcards

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Learn how to build your reading vocabulary by making vocabulary flashcards.

0:00 Welcome to How to Make Vocabulary Flashcards, an instructional video on reading comprehension brought to you by the Excelsior University Online Writing Lab.
0:11 One way to improve your vocabulary is to create vocabulary flashcards for the new words you encounter.
0:18 This will help improve your reading comprehension.
0:21 Vocabulary flashcards are also a great tool for studying new terms for an exam.
0:26 The first thing you need to do is pick up some index cards.
0:29 Any size will do, preferably 3×5 inches or 4×6 inches.
0:35 On the front of the card, write the new word.
0:38 On the back of the card, write the definition of the word.
0:42 Be sure to include the part of speech in parentheses at the beginning of the definition.
0:48 Beneath the definition, write a sentence using the new word
0:52 This will improve your ability to use the word correctly.
0:56 That’s it!
0:57 Use your flashcards any time you want to review new words or study for an exam.
1:01 Click here for a vocabulary flashcards template that you can download and take with you.
1:07 Thanks for listening to this instructional video on How to Make Vocabulary Flashcards!
1:12 Visit the Excelsior University Online Writing Lab for more support with reading and writing skills.

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