Run-On Sentences

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Tutor: Understanding clauses will help you avoid run-on sentences in your writing.

Student: Oh, yes; I’ve heard about those! But I could use a review.

Tutor: You can review run-on sentences in this exercise.

Slide 2 — Run-On Sentences

Slide 3 — Definition

A run-on sentence is a series of independent clauses that are put together in one sentence with no punctuation, often using more than one conjunction. Conjunctions are words like and, but, and or.

Slide 4 — Example

Example of a run-on sentence:

None of my friends liked the movie I did not see it.

There are 2 independent clauses in the sentence. We say that they are “run-on” because the 2 clauses are not separated by any punctuation.

We can fix the sentence by adding the appropriate punctuation and a conjunction.

None of my friends liked the movie, so I did not see it.

We will look at some different options for punctuation in Punctuating Sentences.

Slide 5 — Activity Introduction

On the next 10 slides, decide if each group of words is a run-on sentence or a correct sentence.


Tim is tired of walking everywhere he would like to buy a car.

Run-on sentence
Correct sentence

The correct answer is run-on sentence.

Slides 6-15 — Multiple Choice Activity

Slide 16 — Summary Slide

After completing this activity, you may download or print a completion report that summarizes your results. To save a PDF copy of the report, click below and follow instructions for your browser.

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