Comma Abuse

a person holding a video game remoteFinally, don’t abuse the poor comma. It hasn’t done anything to you. Well, it may have caused you some stress from time to time, but you should not abuse it. You should definitely not use a comma in the following instances:

  1. To separate a subject from a verb.
My zombie plan, involves the complete and utter failure of your zombie plan.
  1. Between two verbs or verb phrases in a compound predicate.
Do those vampires really sparkle in the sunlight, and drink only animal blood?
  1. Between two nouns or noun phrases in a compound subject.
Aggressive newbies, and campers are ruining the gaming experiences for me.
  1. To set off a dependent clauses at the end of a sentence, except in cases of strong contrast.
My gaming confidence is at an all-time low, because I got crushed ten times by a second grader.

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