APA Style Format

Video Transcript

Slide 1

Tutor: If you are using the APA style, you should include a title page, like this.

Slide 2 — APA Title Page

A picture of a title page including a header that contains the page number on the right side.
The following should be centered on your page:

Title of Your Paper (in bold)

Your Name
Name of Department, Name of Place of Study (Institution)
Your Course Name
Your Instructor’s Name
Due Date

Slide 3

Tutor: With APA style, the second page should look like this.

Slide 4 — APA Second Page

Two pictures are on this page. They are described below.

If your instructor requires an abstract, again have the page number in the upper right. The word Abstract should be in bold and centered on the line. The abstract will begin left justified on the next line (double spaced). Do not indent the paragraph.

If your instructor does not require an abstract, you will have the page number in the upper right, the title of the paper in bold and centered on the first line. The first paragraph begins on the line after the title (again, double spaced). Each paragraph will begin indented with the text left justified.

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