See It in Practice

In the video cast below, you’ll see our student writer discuss her research strategy and share some of the results of her work researching her question.

Video Transcript
Student says:

I think I chose pretty well for my research paper topic, as I was able to find some good sources for my paper.

I started with a Google search, and I tried out some of the internet searching strategies. Since there was so much out there on my topic, I found using quotation marks around my search phrase helps me get better results. I was able to find one source that I think will work well for my paper.

My professor did not specify that all of my sources must come from the databases, though I certainly made sure I had database articles as well.

<moves cursor to website image>

Still, I feel this source, because it is aimed toward the general public could provide some excellent information at the beginning of my paper, as I work to provide some context for my topic. I also like that this source provides me with information about the author, which I was able to verify. I am still not sure about using a source from the web, but I will check with professor, and if this source is acceptable, it might be something I will use for my paper.

I definitely spent most of my researching time looking for sources in the databases available through the online library.

<moves cursor to database image>

Here, you can see the entry for one of the articles I found in one of the databases. It is an article from a journal that focuses on education, and as you can see from the title, I think this is going to work well in my quest to find out how No Child Left Behind impacts writing. This source lists ten effects, and of them explored in this article is the effect on writing.

These are just a couple of my sources. I have a lot to work with for my paper.

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