Web Pages

Writing for the Web

A person on a webpage on a laptopJust as when you write an essay, when you write for the web, you want to make sure your ideas are clear and that you consider your audience as you write. However, there are some important differences between writing a traditional essay and writing for the web.

When you write for the web, you should keep these key differences in mind:

  • Both your sentences and your paragraphs should generally be shorter. You don’t want heavy text on your web page.
  • You’ll generally use a tone of voice that is a little more informal than a traditional, academic tone. When you write for the web, your audience is broader than an academic audience.
  • Use subheadings to help your audience easily scan for main ideas or content that is the most important.
  • Use links, images, videos and other relevant media to make your page more interesting and appealing. Just be sure that the media is relevant to your content.

Free Web Space

If you’re required to create web pages for your courses, be sure to check out the many free sites that not only offer free web space but also provide easy-to-use site building tools. Thanks to site building software, creating a web page is now as easy as pointing and clicking, choosing your design, and inserting text and images. Sites like Google Sites and Nix are among the most common, but the HubSpot website will provide you with access to a list of several free web space sites.

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