See It in Practice

In this video cast, we check in with our student writer after she has written a rough draft of her introduction to her essay. In the video, she discusses her strategies and explains why she feels she has a good start on her essay.

Video Transcript
Student says:

After reviewing the Introductions and Conclusions area of the OWL, I decided to write a rough draft of my introduction, just to try to get my ideas down in a coherent manner. I am sure I will still need a lot of revision, and I definitely need to work more on my thesis. However, I feel like I have a good start here. I have introduced the culture I am examining in my essay and have explained why the culture is so foreign to me.

I have also tried to make a point about what I will cover in my essay in a tentative, thesis, but I will take a closer look at my thesis, as I think it is a little long right now, making necessary revisions, in the next step of my process.

For now, I think I have a good start on my introduction.

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