See It in Practice

In the video cast below, you’ll see how our writer keeps track of her sources and labels information from one of her sources for her research paper.

Video Transcript
Student says:

Because my professor did not require paper note cards and I do not have access to software that provides a kind of note card system for me, I used the suggestion from this section of the Online Writing Lab to make my own system of note cards.

Here, you will see I have made a kind of note card using my word-processing program. As suggested in the Online Writing Lab, I put the source information for my source first, in the top note card. Then, I decided to use a color-coded system. Everything that is in the blue-green color here is associated with this one source. When I switch to another source, I will use a different color, such as orange or red.

You will notice that I used the system for documenting summarized, paraphrased, and quoted information. I also added the page numbers, so I have that information for my citations or if I need to go back to my source to check on anything.

I think this is going to work very well for me when it is time for me to put everything together during the drafting stage of my process.

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