How to Create Custom Owlets

An Owlet is a free make-your-own-OWL tool. Need to direct students to specific resources for an assignment? Only use three areas of the Excelsior OWL for a course you teach?

An Owlet allows you to…

  • Choose the areas of the Excelsior OWL you want to use – and their order
  • Give your Owlet a unique title and description
  • Create a unique landing page with its own tinyurl link
  • Use it in your course(s) – totally free!

Need to create multiple Owlets for different classes? Simply repeat the process and save the corresponding tinyurl for each custom Owlet you create.

NOTE: Owlets can be used for Writing areas, Reading areas, or both!

Create your own Excelsior OWL Owlet in a few short minutes.

An educator account is required for this. Please create an Excelsior OWL account (easy!) or log in.

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