Time to Write

Now that you have read all about paragraphs, including development and transitions, it’s time for you to begin drafting your paragraphs. Since you have already developed your working thesis, you should be ready to make a basic plan for your essay and draft your first paragraphs.

The Research area of the Excelsior OWL provides some additional tips on writing academic paragraphs using a system called the MEAL plan. The Paragraphing: MEAL Plan page will explain the MEAL plan and how it can help you develop strong paragraphs.

It’s a good idea to draft a few paragraphs in your notes or in a journal and then share your paragraphs with your classmates for feedback. Your professor may also take a look at your paragraphs to provide some feedback.

REMEMBER: The paragraphs you write now will be rough drafts, and you’ll work on revising and polishing them later in the writing process. Right now, the important thing is to just get your ideas down.

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