Resume Tips



In addition to your resume, consider creating a LinkedIn profile. These profiles allow your prospective employer to see you in a broader, more detailed format. In addition, this service allows you to connect with others in your field, to see how others present themselves professionally, and to locate potential work opportunities. Because LinkedIn is a work-related social media site, you also have the option of writing to a person or company who may look interesting to you and to ask for an informational interview. For tips on how to write that kind of letter, visit our page on requesting informational interviews.

Naming Your Resume

One last tip as you write your resume: Be sure to create a professional document name when you save your resume (employers see this when you attach it to an email or upload it to a job search website.) The best naming convention is to use your first and last name and current year on a resume for example: Rashid_Chaneth_2022_Resume or R.Chaneth.Resume.2022. Similarly, include the same basic details for a professional email address: or add numbers if it is not available Lastly, it is a good idea to save your resume as a PDF so that nothing strange can happen to your formatting or anything inadvertently altered on your content.

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