Developing a Thesis

Video Transcript

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Tutor: Here are some things to consider as you develop your thesis.

Student: This looks complicated!

Tutor: Not really. Let’s take it step by step.

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Tutor: Here are the things you need to do in developing a thesis. First, ask yourself: what is a thesis? Then, consider a concept called U.S. Linear Logic. Finally, identify the resources you will need for your work.

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Student: OK, so what IS a thesis exactly?

Tutor: A thesis is a statement that introduces the main argument. It has some other meanings too, but here we mean the main point that you are trying to prove in your essay or paper.

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Student: Can you give me some examples of thesis statements?

Tutor: Yes, here are some:

Getting good grades is not the same as getting a good education.

We were all better off before we had computers.

The Internet has brought more positive than negative changes to society.

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Student: Hmm, I wonder if I can write a good thesis statement.

Tutor: Of course you can! In this activity, please consider various thesis statements and decide how good they are.

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Click Judging Thesis Statements from the left or Next below to complete the activity.

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