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Learn how to build your reading vocabulary by making word webs.

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0:00 Owl: Welcome to How to Make a Word Web, an instructional video on reading comprehension brought to you by the Excelsior University Online Writing Lab.
0:10 One way to improve your vocabulary is to create a Word Web for each new word you encounter.
0:16 With a word web, you can gain a deeper understanding of new words, practice using them, and keep track of them in your notes.
0:23 To create a word web, take a sheet of paper and draw a circle in the middle.
0:29 Then, draw six more circles around the central circle.
0:33 Draw arrows pointing from the central circle to the outer circles.
0:38 Each circle will contain a different piece of information about the new word.
0:43 The Target Word will go in the central circle.
0:45 The circles surrounding the new word will contain the following pieces of information: definition, synonyms, part of speech, word parts and meanings, sample sentence, and additional meanings.
1:02 Let’s practice using a word web by filling in the word “accelerate.”
1:07 Now enter the definition of the word.
1:09 Since most words have more than one meaning, enter the definition that is most relevant to the way you are using the word.
1:16 In this case, write: “to move more quickly.”
1:20 Next, write down the part of the speech for this meaning of the word.
1:24 In this case, write “verb.”
1:27 After that, write down some synonyms for the word.
1:31 Synonyms are words that mean the same as the target word.
1:35 You may want to refer to a thesaurus for help with locating synonyms.
1:39 For this word, let’s write “speed up, go faster, gain momentum.”
1:46 Now, write down the word parts that make up the target word.
1:50 This will help you better understand its meaning.
1:54 If you don’t know the word parts, look it up online.
1:57 In this case, the word “accelerate” has the following word parts:
2:02 The prefix is “ac,” which means “toward.”
2:07 The root is “celer,” which means “move faster.”
2:12 The suffix is “ate,” which means “having the quality of.”
2:17 Next, write a sentence using the word, which will help you practice how to use it.
2:22 In this case, write down:
2:25 He accelerated when he saw the danger approaching.
2:29 Finally, make a note of any additional meanings of the word in the last circle.
2:35 Include the part of speech for each additional meaning since some words can have more than one part of speech.
2:41 For this word, write down:
2:44 (verb) to cause something to happen sooner
2:49 That’s it!
2:50 Keep track of your word webs in a notebook so that you can refer to them any time you need to check a word’s meaning.
2:56 Click here for a Word Web template that you can download and take with you.
3:02 Thanks for listening to this instructional video on How to Make a Word Web!
3:07 Visit the Excelsior University Online Writing Lab for more support with reading and writing skills.

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