Your Digital Footprint

A beach with footprints in the sand

Your digital footprint is your path you leave on the web. When people, including potential employers, search your name on the web, what will they find? It’s a good idea to have a digital footprint, to put your resume and a collection of your work on the web. There are many opportunities for you to share your writing on the web. Today, we have forums for sharing essays, videos, work history, and pictures of our children. This provides us with a wonderful opportunity to share our creativity with the world. However, it’s important to be mindful of your goals when you share on the web and to remember that information you put on the web is there for anyone to see.

You want to be careful about the kind of information you share. Remember, potential employers can search for you on Facebook, and if you post your phone number on the web for anyone to see, you might receive unwanted phone calls.

As you create things like Facebook and Twitter accounts and web pages for your writing, think about what you want your digital footprint to be like. What will potential employers find when they search for more information about you? Do you want to make your information more secure? Social media accounts give you privacy options, and websites, such as Google Sites, will give you security options related to who can see your site.

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