See It in Practice

Now that you have read more about the importance of writing with your audience in mind, take a look at how this student considers her audience for the sample assignment she is working on.

Video Transcript
Student says:

To help me really get my head around my target audience, I did some informal writing on that audience. Since I am writing for an academic audience in an online class, my audience is going to be really diverse and pretty formal. I will need to keep that in mind when I write. Also, I realized as I wrote my paragraph on audience that I will have to provide a lot of detail and be very clear in my writing.

My focus in my essay is on why Maine culture feels so foreign to me after recently making the move from Texas. If I have audience members who have never made a big move, especially from two states that are so different, they may have a hard time believing the differences. I will want to provide a lot of detail in order to be convincing and engaging.

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