Putting It All Together

It’s time to see the fallacies in action! In the videos below, you will see how one student, Mateo, engages in the process of locating sources but struggles to find sources without fallacies. Watch as he applies what he has learned about logical fallacies to his research process. Click on the first video to see Mateo’s assignment and learn about his goals. Then, click on the video that follows in order to see what fallacies Mateo encountered in his sources. When you’re finished, select the activity at the end of this page to see how well you can locate logical fallacies in sources.

Video Transcript

Video Transcript: Sources 1-4
Video Transcript: Sources 5-8

Logical Fallacies Activity

Are you ready to test your knowledge of the logical fallacies? Select the activity below to see what you learned from Mateo’s process.

Logical Fallacy Icons Key

Logical Fallacies Activity

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