See It in Practice

In this video cast, you’ll see our student writer examine her rough draft and discuss how she integrated her source material into her paper.

Video Transcript
Student says:

My next step in my process was to complete my draft and integrate my sources into my writing as I drafted. It feels really good to have the first draft complete.

I found that I really like following the process outlined in the Locating Information and Writing with Sources area of the OWL because it made it really easy to draft. I had written so much, planned so much, and knew my source material so well that it was so easy when it was time to draft.

[moves cursor to highlighted sources]

You will notice that I worked hard to follow the recommendations outlined in the Online Writing Lab for integrating source material and using signal phrases. As you can see, in both of my quotes I have highlighted here, I have tried to provide signal phrases for each of the sources.

However, there is still much work to do, as of course, this is just my rough draft. I am going to take a break from this now and then come back for some revision and editing later. Those are certainly my next steps, but for now, I feel so good having completed my rough draft!

NOTE: Locating Information and Writing with Sources is now two sections: Research and Citations & Documentation.

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