Paraphrasing & Summarizing

Video Transcript

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Student: Well, how can I use all this information if I can’t use that many direct quotes?

Tutor: There are two ways. First of all, you can paraphrase.

Student: What does that mean?

Tutor: When you paraphrase, you say the same thing someone else said, but using different words.

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Tutor: The other thing you can do is to summarize what someone else has said.

Student: OK, what’s that?

Tutor: When you summarize, you use different words and state the main idea. Your summary will be shorter than the original text.

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Student: Paraphrasing and summarizing don’t sound that easy.

Tutor: No, they aren’t. You need to practice these skills.

Student: How can I do that?

Tutor: You should take a look at this tutorial on plagiarism, in the section called How to Avoid Plagiarism. It includes exercises on paraphrasing and summarizing.

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Tutorial on Avoiding Plagiarism

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Tutor: OK, you have all the information, and you know how to cite it. Now you need to put it together. So let’s move on to the next step. Click on Compose on the left.

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