Revising Stage 2: Mid-View

A chalk board with the words who, how, what, why, where, and when on itThe second stage of the revision process requires that you look at your content closely and at the paragraph level. It’s now time to examine each paragraph, on its own, to see where you might need to revise. The following questions will guide you through the mid-view revision stage:

  • Does each paragraph contain solid, specific information, vivid description, or examples that illustrate the point you are making in the paragraph?
  • Are there are other facts, quotations, examples, or descriptions to add that can more clearly illustrate or provide evidence for the points you are making?
  • Are there sentences, words, descriptions or information that you can delete because they don’t add to the points you are making or may confuse the reader?
  • Are the paragraphs in the right order?
  • Are your paragraphs overly long? Does each paragraph explore one main idea?
  • Do you use clear transitions so the reader can follow your thinking?
  • Are any paragraphs or parts of paragraphs redundant and need to be deleted?

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