A picture from the dictionary.

Keep the following techniques in mind when working on a definition essay.

Denotation – Denotation is providing the literal or dictionary definition of a term.

Online Class: A course that is taught over the internet

Connotation – Connotation is illustrating the implied meaning of a term or idea.

Class Act: A person who is considerate of others

Enumeration – Enumeration is employing a list to define.

Nontraditional Student:

  • A person who did not complete college directly out of high school
  • A person who took an alternative path to college
  • A person who may be older than traditional students (17-23 years old)
  • A person who brings various life experiences to the classroom

Analogy – Analogy is implementing a comparison of two things that are similar.

Discussion Board Posts: Think of Discussion Board posts in an online class as your class discussion. In both cases, you share ideas, thoughts, and insights in a learning environment.

Negation – Negation is defining something by stating what it is not.

Non-Credit Course: A course in which you do not receive college credit

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