Time to Write

A person writing in a notebook with a computer nearbyNow that you have a stronger understanding of the punctuation rules, it’s time to think about how these rules might apply to your own writing. One key strategy is to think about areas in which you struggle. If you don’t have problems with apostrophes, then you shouldn’t worry too much about apostrophes.

However, it’s important to keep punctuation in general in mind when you edit. It’s important to edit your writing in several passes; you can’t catch every issue in one sweeping edit. So, with that in mind, it’s a good idea to devote one edit to simply looking for punctuation issues. It’s most helpful to review the rules right before you edit, especially the rules for the types of punctuation you have had struggles with, perhaps commas or semicolons.

It’s your turn now, and knowing more about the rules of punctuation is a helpful part of a good editing process!

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