See It in Practice

In this video cast, you’ll see how our student addresses her revision and editing process using specific feedback on her essay from her professor. You’ll be able to see how she uses the feedback to make her essay stronger and what revision looks like in comparison to editing.

Video Transcript
Student says:

My revision process is going to involve considering the comments my professor made on my essay, which you can see here. I will also think about additional changes that I would like to make after thinking on the essay myself. And I will also consider the feedback I received from my peer review.

For my revision, I will be sure to address the content suggestions my professor has made here. For example, she has suggested expanding on some ideas and providing better transitions.

Once I finish revision, I will edit my essay. I will run my spelling checker and grammar checker, but I will also use some of the suggestions for effective editing from the Online Writing Lab. I will want to be sure that my essay is, first, revised and, then, edited so that I submit a polished essay to my professor when I am finished.

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