Classification & Division Essay - Techniques

Your aim in a classification and division essay is to help explain to your reader a complex topic. Following these basic steps will help you develop a strong essay:

Take a complex topic and divide it.

 To begin, first you need to take the topic and divide it into more manageable parts or subtopics to help your reader comprehend the topic.

Be sure that you have found a principle of classification. 

Once you have divided your topic, you need to decide on a principle of classification. What do these items have in common?  If you are picking a commonality that may not be very clear to the reader, be sure to take the time to explain your categories in detail and how each item fits.

Make sure that your categories are distinct.

 While you may need to explain your choice of categories or principle of classification, avoid confusing the reader by using categories that overlap. Make sure that each category is distinct. Your information will be clear to the reader, and you will have a much stronger essay.

Make sure that your categories support your thesis.

 Lastly, make sure that your categories support your thesis. If you find that they don’t, adjust your thesis to accommodate the change.

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