Importance of Revision

Video Transcript

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Student: So you want me to check the spelling and commas, right?

Tutor: No, we’re not talking about editing. That part comes later. Revision is a lot more than that.

Student: Well, what does revision mean?

Tutor: Revision means “seeing again.” You need to go back and look at everything again with fresh eyes.

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Tutor: Here is some advice: Before you start revising, wait a few hours at least. Then you’ll be able to look at it as if it’s a new piece of writing. Print out what you have written. Read the printed copy carefully. Then write the corrections directly on your printed copy.

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Tutor: While you’re reading your paper, think about these questions:

  • Do you still agree with the thesis statement? If not, you may need to change it.
  • Is the focus too broad or too narrow?
  • Is it balanced? In other words, do you have about the same amount of information in each section?
  • Have you supported all the claims that you made?
  • Does the organization make sense? Do you need to move any paragraphs around?
  • Are the facts accurate?
  • How is the conclusion? Does your paper end in an interesting way?

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Student: Wow, that’s a lot to think about!

Tutor: True, but each point is important. Now make revisions to your paper based on your answers to the questions that you just saw.

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