Time to Write

Using one of the sample outline formats modeled for you in this section, it’s time for you to draft an outline for your paper.

Remember to use an outline that fits your writing situation. If you are using a traditional outline, you should develop strong topic sentences to guide your outline. If you are using the IMRAD format or an APA format, the headings will guide you. If you are unsure about the structural requirements for your assignment, be sure to ask your professor.

In your outline, you should aim for a level of detail at least similar to what you see in the models, though more detail may be necessary, depending upon the length of your paper. A clear outline gives you a good plan for your paper and will help you determine whether you have a strong focus for your research before you begin drafting the paper.

It’s always a good idea to get feedback on your outline before heading into the drafting and integrating stage of your writing process.

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