Argument & the Web

Keyboard with internet sites for some keysFortunately, there are plenty of free sites out there that offer free web space and easy-to-use programs. In fact, you can have your very own web page with just a little pointing and clicking.

Free and easy-to-use sites for creating web pages for your classes can be found at sites like WixWeebly, and even Google Sites. In fact, if you have a Gmail account, you have access to some free web space already.

The key is to remember you are bringing your argument to a different environment—the web, so you wouldn’t just copy and paste your argumentative essay, plop it in the site, and call it good.

TIPS! The following tips can help as you work to bring your argument to life on the web:

  • Reformat your paper to make it work for the web. This means shorter paragraphs, no more MLA or APA headings, and a font that works well. Times New Roman may be required for your college essays but won’t work well for the web.
  • Use images to bring your argument to life. This could be pictures or graphics. If you get them from other sources, be sure you have permission or use images available for reuse. And, always cite them!
  • When you present your sources, link to them. One great benefit of writing for the web is that you can make it so easy for your audience to find out more from your sources by linking directly to them.
  • And, be sure to study other web pages to get an idea about what works well and what will work well for your rhetorical situation.

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