Time to Write

After viewing the sample video, think about where you might start with your own research. Be sure to review your assignment requirements to make sure you’re looking for sources that fit within the assignment guidelines.

You might start with a general web search, or you might go straight to the databases available to you through your college library. Be sure to keep notes or keep track of your progress in your writing journal. As you look for sources, you’ll want to be sure you can keep track of the good things you find!

If you’re researching a general topic, an excellent database is Academic Search Complete. Most colleges will have this full-text database available for students. If you’re researching a field-specific topic, such as nursing or psychology, be sure to check with your professor or librarians about databases that will work well for your field.

Now, give it a try, and be willing to spend some time practicing with key words. Remember, adjusting your search terms can really help you limit or expand your searches.

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