Time to Write

Now that you have had a chance to learn more about an academic voice and how to use a voice that will be appropriate for your assignment, it’s time for you to consider the voice for your writing. Be sure to refer back to the Tips on Academic Voice. Then, spend a few minutes writing in some notes or in a writing journal about the tone of voice you plan to use in your assignment and give reasons why this voice will work well in this particular situation.

If you have doubts, be sure to double check with your professor. It can be difficult when you’re first learning to write in a more formal voice. You don’t want your writing to sound stuffy or convoluted, but you do want to be sure to avoid a voice that is too informal. Share your thoughts with your classmates as well, as they will be able to offer insight and support as they consider their voices for your assignment as well.

Remember that academic writing is not the same as creative writing and there are some important limitations to voice to consider. However, many writing assignments will allow for some flexibility.

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