Argument & Digital Writing

woman sitting on the floor with a laptop computerSo, by now, you must feel like you’re becoming an expert in all of this argument stuff, even though there is a lot take in. However, before you conclude any lessons in writing good arguments, it’s important to think about the different forms arguments can take.

It’s not all about the essays, and though they are likely to be an important part of most college classes, digital writing is likely to play a role as well. You may be asked to create an argumentative presentation to supplement your essay, or you may be asked to create a web page or photo essay instead.

When you enter the world of digital writing, the same rhetorical principals will apply: You have to think about your audiencepurpose, and voice, and you have to consider your persuasiveness by thinking about how you will appeal to ethospathos, and logos. It’s just the medium of presentation might be different.

The following pages will offer some important tips on creating arguments in digital environments and link you to some additional resources, which can be helpful as you work with the technology.

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