More Revision

Video Transcript

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Tutor: Now that you’ve made revisions, print out another copy of your paper, and have another look.

Student: Do you mean I have to go through this again?

Tutor: Oh, yes, and you might even have to revise it several more times!

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Tutor: This time, look at the big picture, and consider these points:

  • Does the paper say what you want it to say?
  • Will the reader understand it?
  • Is there some additional information that would make it stronger?

Your answers to these questions might suggest that more revisions are needed.

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Student: All this revision seems like a lot of extra work! How about if I just do a better job of writing everything correctly the first time?

Tutor: Well, actually people usually have to write something and then see it before they realize that revision will be necessary.

Student: Are you telling me that I will need to rewrite the whole paper?

Tutor: No, probably not.

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Tutor: Also, it’s a good idea to get someone else to read your paper and give you feedback.

Student: That makes sense!

Tutor: OK, let’s move on to the next step. Click on Read Your Paper Out Loud on the left.

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