Once you have decided on an idea for your narration essay, think about the following techniques:

Begin with the Story

Sometimes, it’s easier for students to write the story and then go back and make sure that the essay follows the proper essay format.

Essay Format

After you have completed your story, read it to yourself. Is there any particular moral or idea that the story is demonstrating?  If so, you may decide to use that idea in your thesis statement.

A lecture room at a university

Topic: Going Back to School

  1. Write the story (this will become your body paragraphs)
  2. Read aloud and see if there is a moral or underlying idea
  3. Write your thesis statement based on that idea or moral
  4. Continue to write your introduction

Sample Focus: When you read your paragraphs about going back to school, you realize how much having a college education will improve your financial situation.

Thesis: After careful consideration, I have decided that returning to school is an important step toward improving my financial outlook.

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