Creating a KIM Chart

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Learn how to build your reading vocabulary by making a KIM Chart (key word, information, and memory cue).

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0:00 Owl: Welcome to How to make a KIM Chart, an instructional video on reading comprehension brought to you by the Excelsior University Online Writing Lab.
0:11 One way to improve your vocabulary is to create a KIM chart for the new words you encounter.
0:17 This will help you improve your reading comprehension and keep track of new terms.
0:22 “KIM” is an acronym that stands for:
0:25 Key Word,
0:26 Information,
0:27 and Memory Cue.
0:29 A KIM chart has a column for each of these categories and rows for each new word.
0:35 To make a KIM Chart, take a sheet of paper and draw three columns.
0:39 At the top of the first column write “Key Word.”
0:43 At the top of the second column write “Information.”
0:47 Beneath that write “Definition of the Word” in parentheses.
0:51 At the top of the third column write “Memory Cue.”
0:56 Beneath that write “sentence or picture” in parentheses.
1:00 Then draw a bunch of lines from left to right to indicate rows.
1:05 In the first row, write a key word in the first column.
1:09 For instance, let’s write “prevaricate.”
1:13 Now, in the second column write the following definition:
1:17 to speak or act in an evasive way
1:21 Finally, in the third column practice using the new word in a sentence.
1:25 Here’s one:
1:26 The diplomat was a master of prevarication; he never said what he meant, and he hardly meant what he said.
1:34 Make the chart as long as you need it by adding additional pages to list all of the new words you encounter.
1:39 That’s it!
1:41 With a KIM Chart in your notebook, you’ll be ready to look up and add new words any time the need arises!
1:47 Click here for a KIM Chart template that you can download and take with you.
1:52 Thanks for listening to this instructional video on How to Make a KIM Chart!
1:57 Visit the Excelsior University Online Writing Lab for more support with reading and writing skills.

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