Health Sciences Professions

List of Health Sciences professions: physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral health and counseling, complementary and alternative health, wellness coordination, radiology, pharmacology, nuclear medicine technology, care coordination, health education, public health, emergency preparedness, health care management, infection control, quality assurance, environmental health, nursing, research, hospital, insurance, community organization, durable medical, long term care, corrections, schools.The health professions include disciplines that are dedicated to the health care needs of individuals and communities. Commonly referred to as the health sciences or allied health professions, areas of study lead to a wide range of careers as noted in the word cloud. Health professionals provide services in a variety of settings such as: home care, clinics, community organizations, insurance companies, governmental organizations, research, private industry, sales and marketing, in institutional settings such as hospitals, long term care facilities, prisons, and more.

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