Light bulb surrounded with post-it notesBrainstorming is like freewriting around a specific topic. It helps you bring your subconscious thoughts into consciousness, identifying as many ideas as possible that are related to a particular topic.

To brainstorm, let your thoughts about a specific topic flow, and list those thoughts.



  • How to get them out of the garden
  • How to get rid of them ethically (without killing)
  • Squirrel traps
  • Repellents for squirrels
  • Types of squirrels
  • Brown vs. black vs. red squirrels
  • Flying squirrels
  • What they eat
  • Different types of play
  • Training squirrels
  • Hunting squirrels
  • Squirrels and cats
  • How they nest
  • Build nests in the same place each year

So, what happens once you’ve brainstormed a topic? Look over the list. Are there items that group together? Are there items that catch your interest as a thinker, researcher, and writer—items you want to know more about? Are there items that seem unrelated or not useful? Use your list as a starting place; it creates ideas for you, as a writer, to work with.

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