First Draft

Video Transcript

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Student: OK, now I’ve written the first draft of my paper.

Tutor: Very good! We’re making progress. Now we need to include the references.

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Student: Oh, I did that already! And I’ve included all the citations.

Tutor: That’s right, but don’t forget to include the list of references at the end!

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Student: How exactly do I write the list?

Tutor: That depends on what style your professor wants you to follow, so ask if you should use APA Style or MLA Style.

Student: What if I need more information about APA and MLA?

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Select a link below to learn more about APA or MLA style.

APA Style

MLA Style

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Student: I have done the list of references. So I guess I’m just about finished now, right?

Tutor: Oh no, not so fast! Now you have a good first draft of your paper, but you need to revise it. Revising is just as important as writing.

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