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Hoot is sustained by the generosity and support of guest contributors who are passionate about the topics discussed in this blog. If you would like to submit an article, please review the guidelines below and contact the editors with questions.

Hoot Publishing Guidelines

  • Submit a 500 – 1000-word essay, interview, or appropriate genre on a topic related to the teaching, theory, or contexts of college-level or developmental writing and reading; open education resources; open-source instructional technologies; or online learning. Sub-topics associated with the themes of reading and writing include but are not limited to: the writing process, writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, writing centers, reading/writing programs, digital writing, writing genres, writing/reading pedagogy, professional and technical writing, creative writing, socio-linguistics, ESL, teaching composition or reading online, the writing/reading connection, the literacy crisis, assessment and standards, developmental education, continuing education, and reading comprehension.
  • Graphics are welcome, but not mandatory. Permissions must be secured. Please ensure that any graphics are at least 600 pixels wide.
  • Add a contributor line at the end with your name and title. A headshot photo is optional but encouraged.
  • Provide at least 3 key words for tagging.
  • Include links to online resources where relevant.
  • Promoting or linking to commercial services or paid resources is discouraged. Blogs that function primarily as explicit or stealth advertising for specific sites, services, resources, companies, or institutions (other than the Excelsior OWL) may be rejected.
  • Follow academic conventions for citing and documenting. Choose a style (APA, MLA, Chicago) and be consistent.
  • Provide references as necessary.
  • The OWL team will review your submission, request revisions if necessary, and provide all support for layout and design of the finished product.
  • Send your article (as a word document attachment) and graphics (as file attachments) to the editors at

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