Revising Stage 3: Editing Up Close

A close up of a document being edited with red inkOnce you have completed your revision and feel confident in your content, it’s time to begin the editing stage of your revision and editing process. The following questions will guide you through your editing:

  • Are there any grammar errors, i.e. have you been consistent in your use of tense, do your pronouns agree?
  • Have you accurately and effectively used punctuation?
  • Do you rely on strong verbs and nouns and maintain a good balance with adjectives and adverbs, using them to enhance descriptions but ensuring clear sentences?
  • Are your words as accurate as possible?
  • Do you define any technical or unusual terms you use?
  • Are there extra words or clichés in your sentences that you can delete?
  • Do you vary your sentence structure?
  • Have you accurately presented facts; have you copied quotations precisely?
  • If you’re writing an academic essay, have you tried to be objective in your evidence and tone?
  • If writing a personal essay, is the narrative voice lively and interesting?
  • Have you spellchecked your paper?
  • If you used sources, have you consistently documented all of the sources’ ideas and information using a standard documentation style?

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