Avoiding Plagiarism

word plagiarism with a red slash through itAvoiding Plagiarism offers comprehensive support for helping students understand plagiarism, understand its consequence, and know what they can do to avoid plagiarism. With pre- and post-activities and video support to help illustrate the consequences of plagiarism, this area is a must-have for your students who might be struggling with responsible documentation or have had little to no exposure to plagiarism instruction. Many faculty members, both in writing courses and across the disciplines, require this whole area before any kind of project requiring source material. However, just like the rest of the Excelsior OWL, the Avoiding Plagiarism area can be used in specific pieces in your courses.

Activity Ideas for the Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial

  • Before you begin a section in your course that requires writing with sources, you can have students take the plagiarism pre-check and discuss results in small groups or as a class.
  • Teachers, in order to help reinforce the consequences of plagiarism, have students review the “Student Committed Plagiarism” video. Have students write a response to the video and share their responses in a class or online discussion.
  • If your students are struggling with proper documentation of quoted material or documentation for paraphrased material, have them review and complete activities in the “How to Avoid Plagiarism” area. Students can share what they learned in group discussions online or in class.

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