Social Media | MLA Works Cited

When you cite material posted on a social media platform, follow the general MLA format template. First, list the author of the post. If their handle on social media is significantly different from their name, you can include the account name in brackets. Then, use the title of the post (if the post has a title) or a brief description of the post. Your container should include all the relevant information for someone to track this post down. You’ll start with the title of the social media site, and then the date of the post. In rare cases when the date can’t be determined, use the copyright date given on the site. Finally, list the URL of the post.

We have included some examples from popular social media sites below:


Wine To Water. “It’s March! This means that it is almost World Water Day!...” Facebook, 1 Mar. 2022,


If the handle is similar to the account name, and you are going to include a url, you generally do not need to also include a handle for the page.

kaur, rupi. “it isn’t blood that makes you my sister,” Instagram, 1 Apr. 2022,


Keys, Alicia. “Videos.” TikTok, 2020,


Egan, Jennifer [@NewYorker]. “Black Box.” Twitter, 2 Jun. 2012,


Gervase, Madeline. “Madeline Gervase on National Public Health Week.” LinkedIn, Accessed 18 Apr. 2022.

No Publication Date

If you are viewing a social media site on a mobile device, and cannot find the publication or copyright date, include the date you accessed the post at the end of the entry.

Doctors Without Borders. “Photos.” Facebook, Accessed 7 Jul. 2021.

No Unique URL

If a post does not have a unique url, you can provide the account owner’s url instead.

Chang, David. Photo with friends in Momofuku. Snapchat, Accessed 14 Jul. 2020.

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