Argumentative Presentations

All good presentations have a clear purpose, and an argumentative presentation will have a clear argumentative purpose.

Many college students are required to build presentations to present information to an audience, and your writing class is likely no different. Chances are, you’ll use PowerPoint, Prezi, or some other presentation software to build a presentation that would present your argument to a broader audience.

Before you begin to build your presentation, be sure to review the tips and help on creating effective PowerPoints and Prezis in the Online Writing & Presentations area of the Excelsior OWL. Then, remember the lessons you have learned about building a good argument and apply those to your presentation.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Remember to present your thesis statement or main idea clearly, and remember it should present your argument.
  • Provide the highlights of your evidence from your essay (if you are building from an essay) or simply focus on the key points of evidence from your research.
  • Remember to address the opposition. How you do this will depend upon your goals and the type of argument you are making, but you should always do it.
  • Use images relevant to your points as evidence. Images are powerful and are important pieces of an effective presentation.
  • And always cite your sources!

The sample video below was created using Prezi by a student in a beginning writing class. She took an essay she had written on issues in the clothing industry (Cheap Thrills: The Price of Fast Fashion) and developed a Prezi to share with a broader audience. Click below to see how one student developed an argumentative presentation for her writing class.

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